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    資料以網頁介紹的為準,下載后不會有水印.資料僅供學習參考之用. 幫助

    摘  要:現代勞務派遣是最早源于20世紀20年代美國的一種新型用工形式。隨著市場經濟的日益成熟以及用工制度改革的深度推進,基于勞務派遣制度的用工靈活的特點以及它在促進就業、節約企業用工成本方面有著不容小覷的影響,在國內發展的近40年里,勞務派遣比例極速擴張。然而立法上的缺陷導致我國勞務派遣制度屢遇瓶頸,勞資關系跌至冰點,影響到社會財富的公平公正,乃至整個社會和諧。

    Exploring the Development of Labor Dispatch Legal Regulations
     Abstract:The modern labor dispatch is the first kind of new employment form in the United States in the 1920s. With the maturation of the market economy and the deep advancement of labor system reform, the flexible employment characteristics of the labor dispatch system and its influence in promoting employment and saving enterprise labor costs have been indispensable to the domestic development for nearly 40 years. The proportion of labor dispatched has expanded rapidly. However, due to legislative defects, China’s labor dispatch system has repeatedly encountered bottlenecks, and labor relations have fallen to freezing point, affecting the fairness and fairness of social wealth and even the entire society.
    Based on this, this article wants to analyze the related systems of labor dispatching in the United States, Germany, and Japan, and in combination .
      Key Words:Labor dispatch;Development status;Western development history;reform