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    摘  要:雖然我國刑法對貪污賄賂罪規定了死刑這種最嚴厲的刑罰,但貪污賄賂犯罪現象仍然嚴重,表明死刑對遏制這類犯罪的作用是有限的。因為刑罰的威懾力不僅僅是在于它的嚴厲性,更重要的在于它的確定性和可預期性。對貪污賄賂罪適用死刑同刑罰的公正、效益、人道價值追求之間存在一定程度的背離。廢除貪污賄賂罪的死刑規定,有利于開展反腐敗領域的國際合作,維護我國法制的統一和權威,也有利于更新更利于遏制貪污犯罪替代刑,并對其他貪污賄賂犯罪人構成心理威懾,從而更加有利于打擊貪污賄賂犯罪。但對貪污賄賂罪廢除死刑的同時,需要進一步完善貪污賄賂罪的刑罰體系。

    The Death Penalty Abolition of Embezzlement
    Abstract: Although our country's criminal law stipulates the death penalty for embezzlement the most severe punishment. But the  bribery crimes' phenomenon still be very serious.This phenomenon shows that the effects of the death criminal are so limited.Because that the detand errent threat of the punishment is not only lies in its official handles but what's more important in its certiant and predict-tability death penalty applied for embezzlement with penalty justice, benefit, humane value pursuit and there exist certain degree of deviation between the things above.To abolished the provisions of the death penalty contributing to the development of international cooperation in the field of against corruption ,to safeguarding our country's legal system's unification and authority and at the same time contributing update the advantageous to the curb corruption crime alternative punishment and the other corruption offenders constitute psychological deterrent.Thus will more help combat corruption and bribery crime. But at the same time for embezzlement and abolished the death penalty we need  further improve the embezzlement punishment system.
    Key words: The abolished of death penalty; Corruption and bribery; Alternative punishment; Death sentence