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    摘 要:強制拆遷是近些年來引發社會矛盾的主要原因之一。究其根本,在于其所依據的《城市房屋拆遷管理條例》存在明顯的缺陷,其本身的制定就涉嫌違憲,且《城市房屋拆遷管理條例》中的各種規定也存在著不少有爭議。再加上政府針對相對人得權利和依法行政觀念的淡薄等原因,在實踐中非法強制拆遷的現象非常普遍,公民的基本財產等權利受到了巨大的威脅。針對這一系列的問題,我國廢除了涉嫌違憲違法的《城市房屋拆遷管理條例》。本文分析了問題存在的原因,并在此基礎上對我國強制拆遷行為的法律調整及完善提出建議。
    Discuss the Legal Regulation of Behavior of Forced Evictions
    Abstract:Frced evictions in recent years is caused by one of the major social conflicts. In essence, it is based on the "Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations" obvious defects, the development of its own for alleged unconstitutional, and the "Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations" in the various provisions there are a lot of controversy. Coupled with the Government have for the relative rights and duties according to law the concept of weak and other reasons, the practice of illegal forced evictions is widespread, the basic property and other rights of citizens are a great threat. For this series of problems, China abolished the alleged unconstitutional "Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations." Original reason for the existence of the problem, and on this based on the legal acts of forced evictions to make recommendations to adjust and improve.
    Key  words:Forced evi